Atelier Golnaz

A gallery for wearable art is loccated in
the heart of Veldhoven, the Netherlands
since 1992.

The visitors are generally among those
who are looking for unique items.
Goli Hendriks
As far as I remember, I was always active as an
amateur artist.

In 1988 I left my country and followed my husband
to Holland.
In Holland I started working hard on realising my
dream "making a profession from my artistic
talent for fine art” .                                                                         
Since 1990 I am busy with painting on silk and
experimenting with different designs, techniques
and materials to create pieces of wearable art.

Diversifying activities I followed courses on silversmith
to fulfil my passion for precious metals and making art
jewelry, and added this to my scope.

I opened my studio "Atelier Golnaz" in Veldhoven,
The Netherlands in 1992.
Since then the results of my art works can be
seen in my studio and some on this website.

Nature, colours, fashion and shapes inspires me most
when designing and making jewelry.