Passion for art has always been in my heart.
Art is partly the reflection of the artist personality.
This reflection can be seen in all my collections.
In 1988 I came to the Netherlands with my Dutch
husband, and started working hard on realizing
my dream "developing my artistic talent for fine art”.
In 1992 I opened my studio/gallery “Atelier Golnaz” for
wearable art in Veldhoven (NL).
I specialized in working with precious metals
and making art jewellery as part of my collection.
Nature, colours, fashion and shapes inspires me most
when designing and making jewellery and art decor.
I work with silver, bronze, gold and precious metal clay
to get unique forms in my jewellery and characterized
each piece by touches of colours.
My art decoration objects are a combination of glass
and epoxy. Colourful and stylish.
You are welcome to visit my studio/gallery.
For more information about any of my jewellery and
other art works please contact me, or visit my online gallery/shop at